The new BLUEPRINT™ for pre-training supplementation is HERE!


BLUEPRINT™ is not just another one of those “me-too” pre-workout supplements flooding the market today. As the name states, this is the new blueprint for pre-training supplementation. Using a unique, dose specific blend of only the finest and most potent, cutting-edge ingredients of their kind, BLUEPRINT™ is a maximum strength, properly dosed, Creatine Nitrate infused pre-training formula designed to enhance and produce dramatic increases in strength, lean muscle gains, performance levels, training intensity, mental focus, and non-stop smooth energy levels for the most incredible training sessions ever!†

 Who is BLUEPRINT™ intended for?

BLUEPRINT™ is designed for serious athletes striving to push their bodies beyond their genetic limits. BLUEPRINT™ was not designed for those merely looking for that "jittery, anxiety producing, cracked-out feeling" with minimal performance benefits. Don't get me wrong, BLUEPRINT™ will give you plenty of non-stop energy for serious training intensity along with enhanced performance benefits!†

 How should I feel when taking BLUEPRINT™?

-       Smooth energy, sustained performance levels, increased vasodilation, enhanced oxygen recovery and ATP production while minimizing lactic acid build-up. “When your customer takes a 1 minute break, their body may feel like it had a 4 minute break!”

-       A clear, intense focus; “keeping their eyes on the prize” feeling through their entire training session.†