Why was FEM-FIRE™ designed specifically for women?

Let’s face it; in the world of pre workout supplements, the majority of guys want strength, power, 10K volts of energy and “animal like” aggression. Women typically do not. However, there are plenty of women who show up to the gym ready to put in work!  For those women, this metabolic boosting, fat-burning, pre-workout supplement designed to enhance performance, intensity, focus, drive, muscle definition and non-stop energy levels for the most incredible workouts ever is for them!†

FEM-FIRE™ contains a Lipotropic fat burning complex, a natural diuretic complex, herbs to control blood sugar and a complex designed to ease and balance hormones, which really helps with motivation and daily life stress factors. You don’t see this combination of blends in any typical male pre-workout product. It’s unique, it's effective, and it's just right!  A woman typically wants to build a different kind of physique than a man, and FEM-FIRE™ provides the right tools.†

What specifically makes FEM-FIRE™ only for women?

LIPO-K™: A professional lipotropic formulation developed to open up the stored fat cells “superhighway”, triggering lipolysis and sparking your calorie-burning inferno; effectively targeting stubborn, unwanted body fat.†

Performance: A compilation of proven ingredients all targeted to smash the middle of the workout “wall” so often hit. Push harder, push further, push longer without compromising a woman’s #1 body fat burner; her own muscle!†

Energy and Focus: Designed to hot wire your energy levels and maximize the desire to keep working out as well as give a razor sharp focus and intensity like you’ve never experienced before.†

Water Extraction: Incorporated into FEM-FIRE™ as a definition catalyst, driving out water from unwanted areas to unveil a more defined you.†

FRC™ (Female Response Complex): Specifically developed to naturally assist you in addressing shifting hormone levels and daily stress. By understanding the needs of an active woman, our formulators were able to design a compound that will maintain inner balance; prepping you to conquer the day!†

CS-Suppress™: Working out can naturally increase insulin levels in response to glucose (muscle “fuel”) but can also cause a dramatic drop in insulin levels immediately following strenuous exercise. By keeping the blood sugar levels regulated, insulin levels stay in check, allowing the muscles to utilize glucose more effectively; giving them the fuel needed to keep working without a sudden spike or dip that could compromise recovery and energy levels, ultimately leading to post workout sugar cravings.†

What will women experience from taking FEM-FIRE™?

Most important, the best workouts she has ever experienced! FEM-FIRE™ has such a precise and balanced complex of support blends; it’s like having a custom nutritional advisor design her program for her personal fitness needs. Better energy, focus, drive, and enhanced metabolic and thermogenic activity. Push harder, push longer, look leaner and feel great!†

†These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.