New XP2™ Products Coming Soon!

Our formulation department is hard at work putting the finishing touches on several new groundbreaking formulations that are sure to change the landscape in their respective categories. I assure you that these new developments will not be the "same 'ol" sub-par, under dosed supplements riddling the marketplace today, repackaged with some bulls**t empty promise. These products WILL exceed your expectations. The next 2 products to launch will be an Instantized BCAA formula and a hard-hitting, high-energy fat-loss powerhouse.

Our Instantized BCAA supplement will be a properly dosed, incredible tasting, uncompromising formula with a cast of supporting compounds that will mix with ease and take BCAA supplementation to new heights. The design of this product will have one specific agenda and that is to keep your body in a proper anabolic state for lightning fast muscle recovery, reduced body-fat and lean muscle gains. We are confident in saying that this is a BCAA formula LIKE NOTHING YOU'VE TRIED BEFORE.

Our new, cutting edge, hard-hitting, fat-loss supplement is going to rock the fat-loss category and produce the earth shattering results that other companies promise but fail to deliver on. This product WILL NOT be an over-caffeinated energy pill riddled with "fluff" ingredients and called a "fat burner". Have you seen some of these products available today? What a joke! They take consumers for idiots! Don't think for a second that because you're wired out of your mind that the product is "working". It's working alright, at over-taxing your adrenal glands to the equivalent of a crack-head which you'll pay for down the road. Now don't get me wrong. Our hard-hitting fat-loss supplement will produce incredible energy levels and increase your metabolic rate, but your energy levels will be a euphoric, smooth, no-crash, high-energy sensation (not just an overdose of caffeine to turn you into a jitter bug) coupled with proper metabolic manipulation designed to produce the end result an intelligent consumer expects from a fat burner. Again, LIKE NOTHING YOU'VE TRIED BEFORE.